Heavy Duty Transport

About Modpack System

Modpack System is the Romanian leader in packing industry. We are a company dedicated to best practices and continuous improvement. When entrusted with packing your goods, we provide the highest quality workmanship and packaging products with maximum attention to the packing details.

With over 10 years of experience and knowledge we can consult on the best possible packaging solution helping you not only meet, but exceed your shipping requirements, taking into account the many variables impacting your project such as destination, shipping method, route, geographic concerns and unique properties of your goods.

YOU do business, we will package it!

Oversized/Heavy Duty Transport

No matter the climate conditions we ensure that your goods are professionally and securely packed for transportation in accordance with the…

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Our company is committed to delivering the very best in outfitting your unique requirements with the right equipment. When choosing to rent crane equipment, you need to be sure that you’re getting the best quality and best price … 

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We are your trusted source of material handling equipment and warehousing solutions. Whether you’re looking for an electric powered forklift, diesel powered forklift or gas powered LPG forklift…


Oversized Transport Accompaniment

Considering the complexity of any oversized transports, determined both by the size and weight of the goods transported and according to the legislation, any oversized transport must be accompanied by at least one properly…
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